Technology of UPS

UPS systems with Off Line Technology :

In Off Line UPS technology loads receive energy from the By pass  .(Power input is connected directly to consumers)And if power of By pass line  is interrupted for any reason   or voltage is outside the acceptable range ‘ inverter line will replace with by pass.During normal operation of U.P.S any interference and distortion, which is in the range defined by the input device is passed to the consumer.Although in off line ups technology  By pass road can partly offset the voltage increases and decreases  by the transformer,(The term is called the stabilizer)But with Attention to power problems that were discussed with  this technology , only two  power problem is solved.

If the AC input voltage ( By pass voltage) out of defined range or disconnect.Inverter are switched.And output is feeding from inverter.

Inverter is switched on, Time takes between 2 to 10 milliseconds  and switching systems can tolerance it and are not interrupted.
with Attention to UPS inverter structure, that It is on only in special cases and in other times is Off,This piece has  time limits function
(Unlike the On Line UPS where the inverter is always on).
However, with increasing power charger devices can resolve  the  limiting charger current.but because of inverter structure it can not support for long periods and unlimited time(Long Backup time).

U.P.S systems with ON LINE technology

On Line Double Conversion performance is that AC  after entering to UPS gone to rectifier and voltage is converted to DC And provides required power for inverter and Charger,Then Inverter section  convert DC Power to AC power .And After filtering, it can be transferred to the UPS output.So AC power to DC power and again become AC.It means  that input power to the UPS (AC power) and output power from the UPS is 100% isolated .

So OnLine UPS  is always active and above operation are frequently repeat.And Never power connect directly to the consumers and consumers has always healthy& sine wave power that made by  inverter of UPS .

Among the advantages of On Line system , is that  Power is converted by Rectifiers from AC to DC and then again by the inverter from DC to AC power that means power disorder is not transferred to the consumers.

Other advantages of this UPS systems ,Having higher technical capabilities,Wider input voltage range for power,Having a better output regulation (for voltage and frequency),Overload tolerance is much higher and ultimately makes higher Reliability from the Off Line UPS systems.

 for this Reasons,The UPS  used  for sensitive areas such as:Large computer networks,Main Frame,Sensitive medical equipment,Sensitive telecommunications equipment,Very critical servers&…and The high power and three phase UPS , all must be online UPS type.

In places that have high fluctuations in AC power voltage   and frequent power outages,On Line UPS technology is used so.

with Attention to technology of On Line UPS systems , this series  are able to overcome all of 9 power problems and provide Much clearer and  reliable electricity to consumers .

It is noteworthy in This technology there are no restriction to function of Inverter and this piece is always enabled  In fact the restriction of  function of inverter in Off Line systems have been resolved .and There are no other restrictions in long-time backup.

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