Introducing the JetPower Brand


JETPOWER electronics, established in January 2000 is a technological component manufacture.JETPOWER’s managementJ team is comprised of young aggressive and experienced members from the power electrical & computer field in Taiwan.

With our commitment and professionalism, we have continued to design and develop unique products and to establish our

sale channels worldwide. The company has been growing rapidly for the past years

 Headquarters and R & D Center is now the  in Taiwan and two manufacturing factories are in the cities  Qingdao& Zhiamen of China  .
UPS power products are the first products that we developed. Until now, we have developed various Off-Line,Line-Interactive, and On-Line UPS Products with capacity ranging from 300VA to 200KVA,because of JETPOWER exceptional manufacturing capacity. We also do OEM for other brand names in addition to develop product lines under our brand      name & And we acts as a source producer for some of the Brands such as Italian, Korean, Spanish, Russian and etc

 Quality is always the top priority for JETPOWER. This is especially true with our power protection products. All Products must pass the strict quality assurance its employees periodically on the quality assurance of products to constantly remain the employee’s one the importance of quality assurance. JETPOWER also obtained ISO9001 certification in 2000. After years of hard work, we have seen successful results, but are not satisfy with this, we want to be the best.

We believe in continuing our success in this competitive industry is through careful long term planning. Through solid top rated professional management team, we will attain our goal and succeed.

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